Ms. Mang Xu

PhD Student



Mang obtained her BSc in Life Science from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands with a double-degree BSc in Applied Biology from Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Germany. She completed a six-month dissertation project in Uniklinikum Bonn, investigating the activation of innate immunity after stimulation through 13 different STING variants. Then she completed a Cancer Biology MRes course at the University of Dundee in 2018. For the MRes thesis, she worked for seven months on dissecting novel ovarian cancer chemoresistance modifiers to chemotherapy drugs in Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre and revealed the synergism between a small inhibitor and conventional chemotherapy drugs.
After graduation, she worked as a junior researcher in the biosensor group in Wageningen University Research in the Netherlands, actively involved in several Horizon 2020 European Union projects and small public-private collaboration project. With burning passion for cancer studies, she completed an MSc in Cancer Research and Molecular Biomedicines in the University of Manchester to redirect her career back to this field. For her MSc course, she spent 8 months on the project “Exploiting graphene oxide’s potential in cancer immunotherapies” in Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research, in collaboration with the Nanomedicine Lab.

In 2022, she took the role as a research assistant in the Nanotherapeutics team in the Nanomedicine lab; she started her PhD studies from 2023 to continue the investigation of how we can utilise nanomaterials to improve immunotherapies in glioblastoma.