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If you are interested in joining any of our research teams, the following positions are currently available at the Nanomedicine Lab:




Closed | Research Associate in Preclinical NanoTherapeutics

We are looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated postdoctoral researcher with a background in cancer research including the establishment of preclinical cancer models for the evaluation of
novel bio/nanomaterial-based therapeutics. The aim of this multidisciplinary project is to develop and test novel approaches to cancer therapy that when used alone or combined with existing approaches could provide improved efficacy and safety. Specifically the candidate will utilise a variety of preclinical cancer models including orthotopic brain cancer models and experience in stereotaxic neurosurgery will be advantageous. You will be based in the NanoTherapeutics Team within the Nanomedicine Lab and will collaborate closely with other researchers in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, as well as researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering under the 2D-Health research project.



Closed | Research Assistant in Materials Toxicology

The post is available within the Nano-Inflammation team at the University of Manchester as part of its participation to the PLASTICHEAL project and the Graphene Flagship Project, both funded by the European Commission. It is available for 1 year in the first instance, with possibility to renew. Both projects aim at understanding better the potential hazard of micro/nano-plastics and 2D nanomaterials (such as graphene) in order to inform policy and practice, and toward an evidence based risk assessment. The task of the recruited researcher will be to explore the biodistribution and impact of micro/nano plastics after chronic repeated exposure in in vivo models (rodent).



Nanomedicine Lab @ICN2

Closed | Postdoc in Graphene Bioconjugate Chemistry

The Research Associate in Graphene Bioconjugate Chemistry will contribute to the scientific programme and management of the Graphene Flagship project. The work will involve surface modification of different types of graphene and related 2D materials, some of which will need to undergo chemical modification to be biochemically studied (on interaction with different biological entities and cells). The Research Associate should be able to perform such experimental work alone or in collaboration with partner laboratories to improve their biocompatibility and offer added functionality to the 2D materials. Expert use of a chemical synthesis laboratory and a wide range of physicochemical and materials characterisation techniques (Raman, AFM, SEM, TGA, DLS, spectrophotometry, electron microscopy, ICP-MS, XPS) will be essential to determine the mechanisms and impact of interaction between graphene and cellular models and tissues.


Nanomedicine Lab @ICN2

Closed | Specialist Technician

The Specialist Technician will assist to the scientific programme of the Graphene Flagship project. The work will involve the preparation and characterization of non-covalent graphene complexes with biologically active molecules (proteins, peptides and small molecules). The Specialist Technician would be expected to undergo full training in all techniques and protocols to be used, and thereafter to perform the experiments with minimal supervision. Therefore, meticulous record keeping and a high level of consistency is key for this position.