Ms. Maria Stylianou

PhD Student



Maria obtained her 4-year Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus in 2017. During her final year she was involved in 1-year research project in the Tumour Virology Research Laboratory. The aim of her project was to generate systems for the lineage tracing of Mouse Papillomavirus (MusPV) infected cells. In 2018, she completed an M(Sc)Res in Translational Oncology with Distinction at the University of Sheffield (awarded with the France Scholarship). Her 6-month research project’s aim was to investigate the effects of a chemotherapeutic drug on the tumour microenvironment of a triple negative breast cancer mouse model, focusing on perivascular tumour associated macrophages. She joined the Nanomedicine Laboratory at the University of Manchester as a Visiting Researcher in October 2018 to acquire valuable laboratory experience by involving in the in vitro reprogramming and glioblastoma therapy. She is now a full-time PhD student at the Nanomedicine Lab working on 2D materials as a therapeutic platform against glioblastoma – brain cancer therapy.