About Us

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Generate and disseminate fundamental knowledge in the field of nanomedicine by bringing together nanotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacology and their translation to advanced, clinically-relevant therapeutics and diagnostics

Our aim is the development of novel, safe and effective therapeutics based on nanoscale components and their combinations, used as either the ‘drug’ or the ‘transport system’. Such components include DNA, RNA, viruses, stem cells, radionuclides, liposomes, graphene, 2D-heterostructures, carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials (quantum dots, fullerenes, carbon nanohorns).

The research efforts taking place within the Nanomedicine Lab have been cross-cutting disciplines, bridging the gap between fundamental nanomaterial engineering and medicines development towards the realisation of advanced therapeutic modalities.

Our mission is to pioneer the cutting-edge and emerging discipline of nanomedicine by bringing advanced materials and nanoscale platforms to the clinic.