Dr. Basma Elbakary

Research Associate



Basma completed her BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Hons) at Tanta university (Tanta, Gharbeya, Egypt). She continued her education with a MSc degree in Cancer Pharmacology at the University of Bradford (Bradford, UK) and a MSc in Advanced Pharmacokinetics at Aston University (Birmingham, UK). Basma undertook her PhD at Aston University conducting blood-brain barrier research with a particular focus on enhancing blood-brain barrier and blood-tumour barrier drug permeability together with applying perfusion systems to in-vitro primary brain endothelial cells. Basma currently works as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Dr Gerben Borst investigating the preclinical aspects of a new treatment modality for glioblastoma ‘Tumour Treating Fields’. She is fully embedded within the Nanomedicine lab to drive collaborative projects between the two groups.