Mr. Daniel Butterfield

PhD Student



Daniel completed his 3-year BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London in 2015, with his final year project focused on developing inducible expression of recombinant helminth apyrase in a Pichia pastoris model. After taking time away from science to help start a family business, Daniel returned to complete an MRes in Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester in 2021. He completed his MRes research project in Prof. Judith Hoyland’s lab, investigating whether signalling molecule fibroblast growth factor 18 could induce differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells towards a nucleus pulposus phenotype.

In 2022 Daniel was awarded a 4-year studentship by the Graphene NOWnano CDT at the University of Manchester, joining the nanomedicine lab in early 2023. Daniel’s PhD project is focused on determining the biocompatibility profile of graphene-based materials and technologies for brain therapeutic interventions.