Dr. Thomas Loret

Research Associate



Thomas completed his Pharmacy Doctoral Degree in 2016 at the School of Pharmacy, Paris-Sud University, Paris-Saclay University Cluster in France. During his time at Paris-Sud, he also obtained a Master in Public Health and Environmental Risks in 2013, and then enrolled in a PhD programme in toxicology (2013 to 2017) at the Compiegne University of Technology (UTC, France). His doctoral research, which was at the French National Institute for Environment and Risks (INERIS), focused on the assessment of the pulmonary toxicity of nanoparticles using in vivo methods and the use of advanced in vitro alternatives to animal experimentation (including Air-liquid interface exposure to nanoparticle aerosols). During his PhD, he contributed to the EU NANoREG project, whose goal was to develop strategies to assess nanomaterial toxicity for regulatory purpose.

Thomas joined the Nanomedicine Lab, Nano-inflammation group, in October 2018 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working in the context of the EU Graphene Flagship project, work package Health and Environment. The aim of his project is to understand better the potential hazard of Graphene Oxide and other 2D materials as well as the biological responses to these materials including their inflammogenicity.