Dr. Luis Visani

Research Associate



Luis obtained his Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences at the Paulista State University, Brazil, in 2010. He then graduated with a master degree in technology at the University of Campinas in 2012, and completed his PhD in Cellular and Structural Biology at the same university in 2018. Luis has expertise in toxicology, with a special interest in nanosafety and nanomedicine. The core aim of his doctoral work was to evaluate the inflammogenicity of new nanomedicines using both in vitro and animal models. For this, he used high-throughput technologies, such as flow cytometry or high content screening. He also gained practical experience in the characterization of nanomaterials, especially metallic nanoparticles and graphene based materials. In Brazil, Luis collaborated with a range of projects covering the field of nanomedicines, which included the “National Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Functional Complex Materials (INOMAT)”, the Laboratory of Synthesis of Nanostructures and Interaction with Biosystems (NanoBioss), and the Cigenanotox Network. Luis joined the Nanomedicine Lab, Nano-inflammation group, in 2018 as a postdoctoral Research Associate. His work contributes to the research effort funded by the EU Graphene Flagship project. His primary focus is to reveal the safety/toxicological profile of 2D materials, include graphene based materials, and composite materials that contain those.