Mr. Harry Grover

PhD Student



Harry obtained a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Sheffield in 2015, having carried out a research project in organic synthesis developing biomimetic organocatalysts. He then worked for four years in industry, firstly in agrochemistry (Charles River Laboratories, Edinburgh) and then in petrochemicals (Lux Assure Ltd, Edinburgh) where he helped develop novel procedures for detecting trace chemicals in oil and gas samples. During this time he also carried out fieldwork and business development across the world, including Malaysia, North America, and the North Sea.

In 2019 Harry moved to Manchester where he worked as a trainee clinical scientist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. While there he carried out a part-time MSc at the University of Manchester which included a research project in the Nanomedicine Lab investigating chelator-free radiolabelling strategies for graphene oxide. This work was awarded the Young Investigators Prize at the British Nuclear Medicine Society’s annual conference in May 2022. His PhD project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, focuses on the interactions of graphene oxide with glioblastoma cells and their potential applications as sensitising or drug delivery agents to improve treatment outcomes.