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In 2013, The Guardian commissioned a blog about new developments in nanotechnology called ‘Small World: Nanotech’. Professor Kostas Kostarelos contributed seven articles that offer a transparent and honest view of nanotechnology’s superhuman feats, as well as its very human limitations.

Nanotechnology: striking a balance between glorification and 'grey goo'

23 April 2013
Emerging fields such as nanotechnology must resist the false dichotomy that says they're either marvellous or demonic

Yes, nanoscience can enhance humans – but ethical guidelines must be agreed

3 June 2013
People 'enhanced' into spider-climbing individuals with hugely projected breasts and Einstein-brains… Where will it stop?

Is nanotechnology safe?

3 July 2013
A nanomaterial that is 'unsafe' from an environmental standpoint may be a safe, essential tool for oncologists or neurosurgeons

Massive science projects won't crack the code of the human brain

12 August 2013
Grandiose announcements often fail to deliver. Great science comes from great ideas, nurtured in small labs

Is it time to call a truce in the 'battle against disease'?

29 November 2013
Our obsession with war-like language in medical research may unconsciously limit our creativity in finding new treatments

I have a dream, that one day scientists and philosophers will join hands

19 December 2013
Why is there such a chasm between the sciences and the humanities, given that powerful new technologies have such profound effects on society?

We face being buried under an avalanche of Chinese science

24 January 2014
China is investing unprecedented amounts in research and development while changing the way science is practised