Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2017, 6 (21), 1700374

Liposome-indocyanine green nanoprobes for optical labelling and tracking of human mesenchymal stem cells post-transplantation in vivo

Mariarosa Mazza, Neus Lozano, Debora Braga Vieira, Maurizio Buggio, Cay Kielty, Kostas Kostarelos*

Direct labelling of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) prior to transplantation provides a means to track cells after administration and it is a powerful tool for the assessment of new cell-based therapies. Biocompatible nanoprobes consisting of liposome-indocyanine green hybrid vesicles (liposome-ICG) were used to safely label hMSC. Labelled hMSC recapitulating a three-dimensional cellular environment were transplanted as spheroids subcutaneously and intracranially in athymic nude mice. Cells emitted a strong NIR signal used for tracking post-transplantation with the IVIS imaging system up to 2 weeks (subcutaneous) and 1 week (intracranial). The transplanted stem cells were imaged in situ after engraftment deep in the brain up to 1 week in living animals using optical imaging techniques and without the need to genetically modify the cells. We propose this method for efficient, non-toxic direct cell labelling for the preclinical assessment of cell-based therapies and the design of clinical trials, and potentially for localization of the cell engraftment after transplantation into patients.