Journal of Visualised Experiments (JoVE), 2013, 82, e50837

In vivo reprogramming of adult somatic cells to pluripotency by overexpression of Yamanaka factors

Açelya Yilmazer, Irene de Lázaro, Cyrill Bussy and Kostas Kostarelos

This study demonstrates the reprogramming of somatic cells towards pluripotency in vivo without the generation of teratomas. We used hydrodynamic tail vein injection of plasmid DNA encoding the Yamanka factors to induce the in vivo reprogramming of adult hepatocytes into cells of enhanced pluripotency. It can be concluded that reprogramming somatic cells in vivo may offer a potential approach to induce enhanced pluripotency rapidly, efficiently and safely compared to in vitro performed protocols and can be applied to different tissue types in the future.

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