Dr. Katharine Barr

Informatics Scientist


Katie obtained her BSc in Physics and Philosophy with study in Continental Europe (Grenoble) at the University of Bristol in 2008. Inspired by some of her philosophy studies, she the completed an MSc in Mathematical Logic and the Theory of Computation here at Manchester. She then combined her physics, maths and computer science in a PhD in Quantum Computing at the University of Leeds. In her PhD, she focused on developing quantum mechanical algorithms and simulating quantum systems. Following her PhD, she left academia for a few years to work as a professional programmer, gaining a wide range of skills as a Technical Consultant. Having missed academia, Katie returned as a Scientific Programmer in Bioinformatics at the Earlham Institute. Here, she focused on variance analysis and algorithm development for the assembly of heterozygous polyploid genomes. Joining the Nanomedicine Lab in June 2019, her role is to meet the groups growing need for specialist analytical skills to support all areas of their research. She will be working on a wide range of tasks, from image and spectral analysis, to ‘omics’ data, to automating standard pipelines.