MSc Student Harry Grover awarded Young Investigators Prize

Massive congratulations to Harry Grover for winning the Young Investigators Prize at the British Nuclear Medicine Society spring meeting in Glasgow earlier this month. The award encourages young researchers working in nuclear medicine to showcase their work, contributing to advances in both scientific knowledge and clinical practice.

Harry presented his work ‘Chelator-Free Radiolabelling and Purification of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets of Different lateral Sizes’, which summarised the work he carried out studying the in vivo biodistribution of graphene oxide nanosheets. Harry has been completing his MSc part time over the last 3 years as part of the scientist training programme (STP) with the NHS, and completed the work on this project between March 21 and May 22 under the supervision of Dr Dhifaf Jasim and Professor Kostas Kostarelos here at the Nanomedicine Lab, and by Dr Beverly Ellis at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Harry said “this project was a collaboration between the nuclear medicine department at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, and the Nanomedicine Lab. It was a great opportunity to work at the interface between academia and clinical practice and I hope that the two departments will be able to continue working closely together in the future.”