ECHA/EUON Nanopinion: What does “graphene” really look like and why is it not “carbon nanotubes”

Kostas, together with Alberto Bianco and Maurizio Prato, wrote a piece for the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) series ‘Nanopinions’, which invites views from different contributors ranging from policy-makers and authorities to industry and civil society on their work and priorities related to nanomaterials on the EU market.

The piece aims to offer clarification on some fundamental understanding on “graphene”, and in particular, emphasises that “graphene” as a single type of material does not really exist, nor is it used as such in industrial applications. They also explain why graphene-related materials are really not the same materials as carbon nanotubes. While both consist of only carbon, just like pencils or diamond stones – both are made of carbon atoms arranged differently in space.