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If you are interested in joining any of our research teams, the following positions are currently available at the Nanomedicine Lab:



Nanomedicine Lab @ICN2

Postdoc in Graphene in Biomedical Applications

The Postdoc in Graphene in Biomedical Applications will contribute to the scientific programme and management of the Graphene Flagship project. The work will involve surface modification of different types of graphene and related 2D materials, some of which will need to undergo chemical modification and incorporated within hydrogel matrices. The Postdoc in Graphene in Biomedical Applications should be able to perform such experimental work alone or in collaboration with partner laboratories to improve their biocompatibility and offer added functionality to the 2D materials. Expert use of a chemical synthesis laboratory and a wide range of physicochemical and materials characterisation techniques (Raman, AFM, SEM, TGA, laser light scattering, spectrophotometry, electron microscopy, ICP-MS, XPS) will be essential to determine the mechanisms and impact of interaction between graphene and cellular models and tissues.



(MRC DTP) Modelling novel epilepsy-associated mutations in Drosophila

To speed progress in characterisation of epilepsy-related genes, and to develop better treatments, we will utilise the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, to model the mutations we identify and use behavioural testing to determine contribution to seizure severity and response to drug treatment.